Covent Garden Mirrors

Custom design hoisting apparatus.

Covent Garden’s main Market Building was covered up, with 32,000 square feet of mirrors. It’s not art – exactly, but a hoarding that has been put over scaffolding while the stone facade is given a restoration. Rather than just covering it in green netting, or putting up some graphic design, as buildings are increasingly inclined to do — they covered the whole thing in mirrors.

In total, 67 huge mirrors were used, and the angles of which will be adjusted as time passes creating new viewpoints and perspectives of Covent Garden through the seasons.

‘Reflect London’ was created by the specialist design agency Sculptivate and was in place for a year.

Prism were contracted to design and supply a method of safely lifting the sixty-seven-high level, 60kg mirrored panels into place whilst working within the constraints of a live CDM controlled building site. There was a busy two week lead time from the first call, through designs and calcs, to the first panel being installed on site.