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Creative Solutions


Prism's team is willing to take on custom projects to enhance the impact of your event. Specialist knowledge and experience allows their set designers to transform any event space. CAD visuals can be produced in house to demonstrate proposed design ideas, giving an accurate indication of possible outcomes. Images below are a mix of computer generated visuals, drawings and final solutions.

Custom Fittings

Prism Lighting has insight when developing practical solutions to improve our hire stock. Previously, PAR 16 Birdies were mounted using a standard hook clamp which was cumbersome and looked out of proportion. Prism has designed, prototyped and manufactured a new birdie mounting kit which provides a more practical and aesthetically pleasing alternative.
Creative Solutions
Creative Solutions

Custom Dimmers

Client: Liverpool University Students Guild, Custom 60 way Touring Dimmer Rack

  • 5 x 12 channel 10 amp Anytronics dimming packs
  • Full mains patch on Wielend connectors
  • 30 Socapex outlets, volt meter & neon indicators
  • Power Lock in & link out
  • Custom built heavy duty flight case
  • 18 x 16 amp inbuilt mains distribution
  • Gooseneck lights front & rear
  • Integral 4 way DMX opti-split

Creative Solutions
Creative Solutions