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Staging Solutions


In the time that Prism has been providing outdoor stage systems, they have built up a reputation for the supply of high quality, safe and flexible products. The structural stage roof and decking systems have been subject to continuous improvement and now comprise modular roof grids on various self climbing support systems.
The roof coverings are also of modular construction allowing the systems to be built up using a number of standard width bays. This results in great flexibility of size, (both width and depth), whilst maintaining an attractive presentation. The groove system used on the covering gives excellent weather protection. This modular principle is also used for the side and rear wall covers . These covers extend to ground level, ensuring the working area stays dry.

The Prism Lighting stage deck is supplied to match the area of the roof, and may be extended beyond this to create wing space, additional storage, access ramps and stairways etc. The deck may be constructed from proprietary steel-deck units or from structural steel shoring components and a bespoke framed deck, either system providing a level working platform that can be fitted with safety hand rails on open sides as required.